Students tell us how JVG has impacted their life.


Nikki, Bedford County


“JVG has helped me in numerous ways. It has helped me with my academics. It has helped me with my future planning and many more important aspects of education. “ 

Corey, Smyth County


“The JVG program has given me new perspectives on many things we encounter after we leave the school setting and enter the work force. It has shown me new ways to use my leadership skills and shown me ways we can tackle the issues we face. It has shown me ways to find new opportunities I may not have found without the guidance JVG has shown me. I feel like some of the leadership skills and other skills I picked up from going to conferences and other activities with JVG has helped me to be able to further enhance my current career and will continue to so in the future.” 

Jessica, Smyth County


“When becoming a member of Jobs for Virginia Graduates, I could not have been successful without the help of our specialist, Connie Wyatt.  To this day she still reaches out to help us and to stay updated on our journeys. College and Careers are the two most stressful decisions for a graduate, thanks to Mrs. Wyatt, she makes that less stressful. She presents tips and guidance to her students who come to her with school, career, and life questions.  She spent time with me and helped me set the path to providing services in health care. Due to that, I am now working in an emergency department at a local hospital and excelling in an amazing nursing program.  Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.  To me, success is having a wonderful specialist to guide youth into a world of educational opportunities and careers. Thank you for all you do for your students!”

Angela Sheppard, JVG Student, Class of 2015


“I believe the JVG program represents the public school system helping students start their careers. Over the past year, the staff at RCCTC has helped me obtain my first job, as well as give me the resources to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to ace an interview. Furthermore, the field trips I’ve attended with JVG have allowed me to network with employees, managers, and owners of businesses and companies I would never have had the pleasure of meeting otherwise. JVG is proof that teachers are willing to help students succeed.”