We Teach Success!

JAG-Virginia for the 20th consecutive year was recognized for achieving the “5 of 5” State Award for the Class of 2017 presented at the 35th National Training Seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 8-13, 2018. 5-of-5 State Performance Outcomes...

Jobs for Virginia Graduates

We Are Family

Jobs for Virginia Graduates (JVG) has the ability to eliminate one of the biggest barriers students have to success: not having a connection. JVG allows students, who would normally “slip through the cracks” to have a sense of belonging. Through activities in class and outside of class, students start to feel connected to one another and begin to feel like family. Students not only become close to the people they spend class with but also with their JVG Specialist. They start to see their Specialist as their advocate and mentor; in return, the students work hard to succeed in school and make their Specialist proud.  Continue reading We Are Family