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Role of Specialists

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  • Direct Management of Program Site: 35-45 students
  • Completion of participant profile applications for each student and entry into the JAG Force data management system by the end of each September
  • Entry of Model Services daily into the JAG Force data management system
  • Monthly follow-up communication with 100% of students who were seniors the previous year
  • Entry of senior follow-up data monthly into the JAG Force data management system
  • Regular maintenance of other essential data for both graduates and current students•
  • Overall implementation of the JAG Model
  • Teaching of JAG-specific curriculum designed to meet JAG competencies
  • Use of Project-Based Learning methods for competency attainment
  • Regular monitoring for “Mastery” level in all areas of JAG-specific curriculum•Administering pre- and post-tests to all students in the program
  • Encouragement of students to stay in school through graduation
  • Entry of progress reports for students in the program
  • Monthly communication with JVG staff to ensure accurate and timely recording of data•Attendance at annual trainings at the state and national level
  • Attendance at regional and state-level JVG meetings
  • Program updates and documentation for newsletters, website, and social media

Role of Counselor

Role of Administrator

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