Our Mission

Is to identify high school students who face barriers to education, and to guide each one on to a successful path toward continued education, a meaningful career, and productive adulthood.

Our Vision

Is to be a champion for all Virginia high school students facing barriers to education. We understand Virginia’s future will be a reflection of what we commit and contribute to our youth.

The Overall Impact

Of JVG is far reaching, moving beyond our classrooms – to shape the future of our students, schools, communities, emerging workforce, and all of Virginia.

Eighteen Years of Excellence

For the eighteenth consecutive year, Jobs for Virginia Graduates (JVG) received the highest national honor bestowed on a state affiliate, the “Five of Five” High Performance Award for State Organizations at the 33rd Jobs for America’s Graduates National Training Seminar in Orlando, July 2016. Virginia has received the award every year of eligibility. The recognition is based on meeting or exceeding all five core performance goals established by our national affiliate, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG). Results for JVG Class of 2015 are as follows: 97% Graduation Rate, 69% Civilian Jobs/Military/ Service Rate, 91% Positive Outcomes Rate, 92% Full-time Jobs Rate, and 73% Full-time Placement Rate. 

State Peak Performance Recognition – 3 Peak Performances

JAG-Virginia achieved peak performances in the following program applications in the Classes of 2015 and 2016.  The ranking is in comparison to the 32-state JAG National Network individual rankings. Honorable Mentions were awarded where percentages were high, however, the National Network was tied for a given JAG Model standard and rankings were awarded only to the top three or four placements due to ties.

Class Program Application JAG Model Standard JVG Award
2015 Multi-Year/Senior Full-time Placement 10th
2015 Multi-Year/Senior Graduation Rate 8th
2015 Multi-Year/Senior Unable to Contact Rate 1st